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We had this idea in our heads for some time. We wanted to have a chance to watch the zebra finches' nest without permanent interruption and unnecessary alarming the birds. When everything was done we thought that surely there are many zebra finch lovers which would want to have an opportunity of such observation. We decided that we will share to everyone that is interrested, what we can see.It is possible to watch two nests at the same time and after the babies left the nest we turn off the camera because of the nest disposal.


FinchCam Archives

Here you can check the unactive FinchCam sites where is no live broadcast because the baby zebras left the nest. If we left the nest in the cage it would encourage the pair to another clutch that's why we turn off the camera and take out the nest from the cage. At the end we put a photo of birds from the nest as a grown-ups.

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* FinchCam is actually developing and it will be upgraded and improved. Currently the video is recorded by low quality camera and the view isn't the best but as we mentioned, the project is still developing.

* The picture isn't broadcasted 24 hours a day. We can't say when the camera will be on because it depands on our free time and being near the komputer (the camera starts with the computer).

* We cannot predict what will happen in the nest during the broadcast. As we know - the eggs may not hatch, babies can die during  the growth or the zebra finches can destroy the clutch in many different ways.


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