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Welcome to our website!

Welcome to the website dedicated to our breeding of zebra finches
(Taeniopygia guttata syn. Poephila guttata).

Why zebra finches? Primarily due to the charm of these small birds. In fact, before we got interested in this species we didn't know much about it. We didn't even know that there are so many mutations. We would like to encourage other bird lovers to share our passion and show them how much these finches have been unsung. Often birds we can see in pet shops don't fully show their value, often they come from mass breedings where unfortunately what matters is quantity, not quality...

    We hope that through our website we will encourage a bigger circle of people to become interested in these beautiful birds.

Random pictures in our galleries :

Karol i Wojciech Szukalscy

We have been interested in nature since early age, now even recognising native birds' singing isn't a big difficulty for us. For many years we have been supporting the activity and are members of Południowowielkopolska Grupa Ogólnopolskiego Towarzystwa Ochrony Ptaków (South Wielkopolska Group of the Polish Society for the Protection of Birds)



Ada Gałan

Animals were always present in my life. My love to birds started in early childhood when a budgerigar appeared in my family home. Then came a time for first zebra finches. After few years break, being in the university I got the possibility to purchase an animal and the choice fell on these birds. At the moment - despite the housing problems - I am busy myself with breeding them and I also help homeless and wild animals in need. In addition to the animals I am interested in dancing, herbal medicine and literature.






cams on-line:

Works on the website

 Our website is constantly changing, updating, we are working on it all the time. We will fortify its content with substantive matters as well as photos, that's why it's worth to visit our site from time to time. We want it to be a compendium of knowledge about zebra finches but it requires a good expenditure of work and time, so be patient.

Karol Szukalski


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